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Chained Assignment In Dart Flutter

The Chain Assignment Trick : Dart Programming

June 18, 2024

Want to write cleaner, more efficient code for your Flutter mobile apps? Dart programming language behind Flutter, has a handy feature called chain assignment that can help you do just that. What is Chain Assignment? …

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6 App Min | 6 Essential Flutter Projects To Elevate Your Resume

6 Essential Flutter Projects to Elevate Your Resume

March 12, 2024

Simply cloning apps from YouTube and GitHub code has NO value. As a Mobile Developer with 7 years of experience, I want to emphasize that showcasing projects and the experiences you go through during their …

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How to Install Flutter on Windows, macOS and Ubuntu

How to Install Flutter on Windows, macOS and Ubuntu

April 11, 2022

Introduction Flutter app development is also supported on desktop, and we can make cross-platform apps using Flutter, which means we can run a flutter app on all the platforms, i.e., Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop. Navoki Notes an …

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